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Hi, My Name is Yancey!

About Yancey

I'm !

Hello there! The name’s Yancey, AKA Fancy Yancey. Nice to meet you! As you can see, I am a dapper sweet southern gentleman. I consider myself to be the perfect age at 4 and ½ years old. I have already learned ‘sit’, I walk well on a leash, and am eager to learn so much more from all the nice humans I meet. I am quite the playgroup rockstar now that I completed my heartworm treatment and am everyone’s best friend, so I don’t understand why no one wants to meet me. As people walk by, I patiently sit or lay wagging my tail, letting everyone know how friendly I am, but no one ever comes into my kennel. I am heartbroken because I know I was born to be lap dog…yep, all 56, scrumptious pounds of me. I would love to show my forever humans how much I appreciate them every day by snuggling with them, giving big sloppy kisses, and giving the occasional hand nudge (with my mastered puppy dog eyes) to get those tail wagging belly scratches. But I am not a couch potato all the time, I do love adventures and often wonder what is beyond the trees at Paws Place. I am a curious boy so I would enjoy adventures to the beach, hiking nearby trails, or even exploring my very own backyard! I am confident, balanced, and oh so loveable. So, if you are ready to fall in love with this dreamy southern gentleman I would love to meet you and sweep you off your feet.