Adoption Process

Seven Step Pet Adoption Process

If you are considering applying to adopt one of our dogs, please review our adoption process prior to submitting your application.

Step 1: Completion of seven question "Self Assessment"

Prospective adopter does a self-assessment to determine if adoption of a rescue dog is right for them.


Step 2: Selection of dog for adoption

Prospective adopter chooses from available dogs and meets dog in person at kennel or Meet & Greet event prior to submitting the Adoption Application.  Our visiting hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 10 – 2, no appointment necessary.

Step 3: Adoption Application

Prospective adopter completes Paws Place Adoption Application. A member of our Adoption Committee will help determine if the selected dog has a temperament compatible with the prospective adopter’s housevhold. Completion of this application does not guarantee an adoption of a Paws Place Dog.

Step 4: Veterinary Reference Check

A Paws Place representative will contact the veterinarian that the adopter may have  used previously to verify past pet care history.

Step 5: Dog introduction

Under guidance of a Paws Place representative, prospective adopter introduces our dog to dogs currently residing in the household to determine compatibility.

Step 6: Home Visit

A Paws Place representative will conduct a home visit to assess if the home and surroundings are appropriate for the safe and proper care of a pet. Since COVID 19, modifications have been implemented for everyone’s safety.

Step 7: Completion of the Adoption Agreement

Prospective adopters should recognize that Paws Place does not adopt dogs on a first come, first served basis. We make our determination as to whether to allow the adoption, and which dog is to be adopted based on the best interest of the animal.