Hi, My Name is Woody!

About Woody

I'm !

I was found with all kinds of issues. If I had been left out any longer, who knows if I would have made it. I’ve got more skin issues than I can count, I’m skinny as can be, and to top it off, I’ve got heartworms. Can you believe that I just don’t care about any of that though? I’m just the happiest-go-lucky boy you’ll ever meet, and I know that the people at Paws Place are going to take awesome care of me. They say it should only be a few weeks before my hair starts growing back!! It’s a wonder what proper nutrition, baths, and lots of love can do for a pup like me. Give me a few months, and you won’t even recognize me. Now, I’m not ready to go home quite yet, but I am meeting people and taking applications. I’m just waiting for that special family that wants to give a sweet boy like a me a second chance on a new life. So what do you say, can you find it in your heart to take a chance on me?