Hi, My Name is Whisper!

About Whisper

I'm !

Oh, Hey There, I’m Whisper! Nice to meet you. I am READY TO PARTY!! Yep-let’s do this! I am your typical bubbly energetic, 45 lb., 9-month-old Border Collie mix puppy! I love to play and retrieve my frisbee (my favorite toy); and give kisses to show you how much I appreciate you. I’d prefer a confident leader who understands my working breed ways and can give me ‘jobs’ to complete too! Let’s do agility! Let’s hike! Lets run! BUT please keep me routine oriented because I am super smart and thrive with a routine. I love learning new things too… like ‘sit’, ‘down’ and I have almost mastered ‘stay’ too! They keep telling me to ‘shake’ and I keep trying to tell them I am shaking my tail as fast as I can, but I think there’s a language barrier, WOOF! I often dream of my future and hope to spend time with my new family hanging in the backyard, going on hikes in the woods, taking long strolls through the neighborhood, and plopping on the couch with you. I even heard there are dog friendly beaches nearby! Oh, how I dream of my ears blowing in the wind while I run the beach. *SIGH* I can’t wait to join you on our future adventures! Come meet me so we can daydream together!