Hi, My Name is Whisper!

About Whisper

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Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight. I wish I mayI wish I might, have the wishI wish tonight!

Oh, Hey There, I’m Whisper! I have been at Paws Place over 6 months, and I am ready for snuggles in my forever home! I am your typical bubbly energetic Border Collie puppy and since I am a working breed, I love to play! Frisbees are my favorite toys so where are all my disc golf partners or maybe we can do an ultimate frisbee challenge? I’ll let you pick; I just want to hang with my two favorite things – people and frisbees! I am a confident young gal who’d prefer a confident leader who understands my working breed ways; can help me establish a routine; and will help refine my manners. I already learned ‘sit’, ‘down’ and I have almost mastered ‘stay’ too! I love to learn! I often dream of my future and hope to spend time with my new family hanging in the backyard, going on hikes in the woods, taking strolls through the neighborhood, and don’t forget the cuddles on the couch. Come meet me so we can daydream together!