Hi, My Name is Thor!

About Thor

Aren’t I adorable? My name is Thor and I’m a Lab mix. I love to play with anyone and anything that comes around me. In fact, I can keep myself entertained, especially if I have one of those fluffy things that you squeeze and makes a high-pitched noise! Those are so fun! I want to be active, but right now I’m limited to leash walking.  I’m still recovering from TPLO surgery in June.  But don’t worry, I’ll be as good as new soon.  I love to go on long walks because that is helping me build up my muscles.  Walks are also good for  those smells and other dogs wagging their tails, it’s the most exciting part of my day! I’m a very smart and handsome boy if I don’t say so myself. People are always stopping me and asking what my name is. Well, it’s Thor so remember to ask for me when you come out for a visit!