Hi, My Name is Sonya!

About Sonya

I'm !

Hi there! Shy girl Sonya here! I came to Paws Place shut down and scared. I was lost and confused, but the nice people here have shown me love and I am slowly coming out of my shell. I have bonded with everyone who has shown me kindness and takes me on my daily walks. Like I said I do things slowly right now, so this 1-year-old’s walking pace is at a snail’s speed, but every day I gain more confidence. I do have one request… that my forever family understands I need them to move slowly too. Fast movements, especially over my head scare me and when I first arrived, no one could even make eye contact with me, or I’d run. I was even scared if anyone saw me eating, but now when I hear the kibble hit that bowl I am barking in excitement and tap dancing until they put my bowl down. I am a great girl with so much potential, I just need a family that understands this snail’s needs. Please come visit me and you can see how great this 64lb gal is walking on my leash!

Attributes: Nervous/Sensitive, Quiet/Reserved, Walks well on leash, Calm/Laid Back