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Hi, My Name is Smuckers!

About Smuckers

I'm !

Hello! My name is Smuckers but that is much too formal for my friends. You can call me Smuck, or Jam or whatever floats ya boat! I am known as a big lovable goofball around here! I did have these things called heartworms but I just had my last treatment so I will be good as noon in a few months! Boy am I ready to run and play like a normal dog again! Do you like to play? I sure do hope so. I also love to snuggle! They say that I am 50 lbs of love bug! So until am I clear to play and all that fun stuff, I have to take it easy so slow walks on the beach or laid back movie nights can be our jam! Get it? Jam.. Like Smuckers. Okay okay Ill let ya go. But come say HI! I look forward to meeting you!

Attributes: Affectionate, Very sweet, Outgoing