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Hi, My Name is Peep!

About Peep

I'm !

???? Hop into spring with Peep, the adorable 4-month-old pup who’s ready to fill your heart with Easter joy! ???? This fluffy little bundle of sweetness, weighing in at 24 pounds, is as delightful as a basket full of colorful eggs. With her bright eyes and wagging tail, Peep is always ready to spread happiness wherever she goes. She’s got an egg-citing personality that’s perfect for Easter fun – whether she’s hopping around the yard like the Easter bunny or cuddled up for some cozy snuggles, Peep is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. If you’re looking for a furry friend to celebrate the season with, then Peep is the perfect match for you! Hop on over to the shelter today and let Peep bring some Easter magic into your life. ????????

Attributes: Affectionate, Loves to play, Typical Puppy – Curious, Very sweet, Outgoing