Hi, My Name is Odie and ChiChi!

About Odie and ChiChi

I'm !

DOB: (Odie) 12-02-2012 – (ChiChi) 07-15-2015

We love you already and we have only met through a picture. Hellooooooo and Here we are, the dynamic, inseparable duo of Odie and ChiChi and we are still looking for that special someone or family to come and scoop us up! As you can see, we are a bit opposite, but we make up for our differences in our wonderful personalities and our willingness to be people pleasers. Some of our favorite activities are taking walks, meeting new friends, snuggling together, and getting snacks. Who doesn’t like a good snack?!? Speaking of food… is it time to eat again? When it is, we can tell you it’s dinner time in five different languages. Aren’t we just the smartest dogs ever! We have good house manners and would love to take up residence in your home soon. You need us in your life! Luv, Odie and ChiChi.

Odie and ChiChi