Hi, My Name is Nicky!

About Nicky

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Hi there friends! I am Nicky! Fun fact about me is I am named after a staff member here at Paws Place! Yup! She helped me get off the streets! Since my arrival here at Paws Place I have really shown out! I, like most hounds, have a very unique personality! I am 41 lbs of goofball! I am still a young buck, they think I am about 4 years old! So I have tons of energy which is great because I love going on walks! I would be a great hiking buddy for sure! I mean how cool would you look hitting the trails with a handsome hound like me? Pretty cool… My friends here are even teaching me how to walk on a harness and leash! Which is so cool because I get to go outside and smell all of the smells! I think I am the perfect fit for you! So when you get here, ask for Nicky okay?! See ya soon!

Attributes: Active Lifestyle, Curious, Very sweet, Outgoing