Hi, My Name is Mork!

About Mork

I'm !

Mork here! I am a special 4-month-old youngster and am so excited to tell you all about myself. I came into the county shelter with another dog, Mindy (who is also at Paws Place now), and since we both have blue eyes and I really like Mindy, Paws Place thinks we must be related. People, loud noises, and fast motions scare me, so bubbly Mindy walks on leash with me every day. I really like walking with her because she is teaching me how to be confident with humans. Oh yeah, if you didn’t catch that, this 28lb lad can be a tad bit shy. I am very curious though, so I’ll occasionally let the humans pet me and give me treats. I hope my forever family knows that even though I can be shy, I really want to visit with them because I am excited to have my very own forever home!

Attributes: Curious, Nervous/Sensitive, Very sweet, Energetic/busy bee