Hi, My Name is Maizey!

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Hi there! I am Maizey! I have come a long way since my arrival here at Paws Place! The world has not been very kind to be in my first 4 years of life, but I am slowly learning that there is good in the world! I am pretty shy and timid at first but once I feel comfortable around you, I let my true personality shine! I am a happy-go-lucky gal! I love treats, walks, and those under the chin lovings! Those are my favorite! I am a very bubbly girl once you get to know me! I recently learned I have these things called heartworms. The humans here say that the treatments I am on are going to help make me all better real soon though! They even say if I find my family while completing my treatments, I can still go home! I am hoping to find a loving, patient family who will help show me the world isn’t so scary after all. I can’t wait to meet you! You should definitely come visit soon!

Attributes: Curious, Nervous/Sensitive, Very sweet
Attributes: Curious, Nervous/Sensitive, Very sweet