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Hi, My Name is Juneau!

About Juneau

I'm !

Hi!!! I’m Juneau! I’m as pretty on the inside as I am on the outside. And before you ask, no I have not been to Juneau, Alaska, but I am up for the adventure if you are! Let’s go! I was a little unsure when I first came to Paws Place, but now I love every single person I meet and think they are my best friend. I am a sweet gal who thinks 52 lbs is the perfect size to be a lap dog, so you better be ready to cuddle! Did you know, I am a mom? I have been told I am a very good mom to my pup, Kodiak, who is at Paws Place too. Everyone says I play so gentle with him, and we are just the cutest thing they have ever seen. I guess you will have to come out and see us in action. Wink wink! I would prefer a human who can help me master my leash walk skills since I love walking and have been told I am such a good girl on a leash already. If you can’t tell I am a gentle and easy going 2-year-old who is dreaming of a forever home where can go on adventures during the day and snuggle at night. So, if you want a fun-loving companion, please come out and see if we are soulmates!