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Hi, My Name is Journey!

About Journey

I'm !

Well my motto and name reflect my favorite music group, Journey, but ’Don’t Stop Believing’ is getting harder and harder to sing every day as this 44 pound, 4-year-old fella is feeling kind of lonely. I have been at Paws Place for over five months now and not a lot of people have come out to see me. I don’t understand why! I am cute as a button. I love to cuddle. I enjoy playing with my toys and I tend to be on the quieter side. I even love the outdoors and am allowed to be active again since I completed my heart worm treatment. I would love if my forever family can help me master my leash manners for our future adventures too! I have come leaps and bounds since I came to Paws Place, so I won’t stop believing that there is the perfect human out there who is looking for a forever fella in their life. So let me re-introduce myself! Hi there, I’m Journey! I am the cutest frog legged dog you ever did meet. You say you don’t know what dog frog legs look like? Well, I guess you will have to come out and see me in action. I can’t wait to meet you!