Hi, My Name is John Boy!

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To be honest, we don’t understand why some loving family hasn’t snatched me up. It can’t be my age, I’m only four. Surely, it can’t be my size – even though I’m about 65 lbs, I’m very gentle and loving. The heart worms that I had are now history because I was treated by Paws Place. I do have some arthritis, but the vets have said that once I’m out of the elements, that should improve too. My “dream job” would be to have a family with some children that I can love and they can give me belly rubs. A fenced yard would be the icing on the cake. Contact my friends at Paws Place if you think we would be a good match. In my dreams, when I go to sleep at night, I’ll hear my human say “Good night, John Boy.” Can’t wait for the real thing!

John Boy