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Hi, My Name is Hugo!

About Hugo

I'm !

The name’s Hugo and I am very outgoing and energetic, like a typical puppy is, so I hope my forever home allows me to continue being a fun, loving boy. At a little over 19 lbs, I have lots of growing to do, but that hasn’t stopped me from learning leash manners and how to be a good boy! I hope my forever family can teach me commands because I am a smart boy who loves to learn. My favorite past times are giving lots of sloppy kisses, wagging my tail as fast as I can when I see my friends, and playing with my toys. I love being active, so I hope my forever family is ready to go, Go, GO! The humans at Paws Place say I am very loveable and a joy to be around, so in a nutshell, I am one handsome bubbly boy! What more could you want? I’m ready to meet my forever family, so go grab your keys and come on out.