Hi, My Name is Holly Anne/Gage (Bonded Pair)!

About Holly Anne/Gage (Bonded Pair)

I'm !

Date of birth

  • Gage – 9/26/16
  • Holly Anne – 10/12/15

Yep, you guessed it, we are a bonded pair! Our names are Gage and Holly Anne! Our family was unable to keep us, so they surrendered us to Paws Place and now we are looking for our forever home together. Gage is a little spit fire chihuahua mix who thinks he is the boss and me (Holly Anne)… well I let Gage think he’s my protector. Gage thinks he is a 16lb bodyguard, but we all know when anyone gets close, he will roll over for belly rubs. I’m (Holly Anne) a 26lb free spirit that prefers the finer things in life like sunbathing, eating treats, and sniffing out my next adventure while we are on our walks. We are the cutest 7 and 8-year-old pair who are housebroken, dog friendly, and cat friendly. We always keep everyone laughing and can’t wait to make our forever people smile every day too. So come out and meet us. We will be the ones wagging our tails when we see you.

Attributes: Cat friendly, Dog friendly, Housebroken, Calm/Laid Back, Bonded
Holly Anne/Gage (Bonded Pair)