Hi, My Name is Guinness!

About Guinness

I'm !

What’s dark, smooth and totally irresistible? It’s me, Guinness! I bet you thought I was talking about that Irish beverage the humans keep saying my soft brown coat looks like, didn’t you? Can you tell I am a playful jokester too? I am such a happy-go-lucky stud and all my friends at Paws Place say they love my life of the party energy! I get so excited when I see my friends that it can be hard to stop my wiggly tail from wagging. Since I am full of vigor, I would love a home where I can get plenty of exercise and I would make the best outdoor adventure partner especially if there is water around! Wink, wink! I have recently discovered what a pool is, and it has been a game changer! I dream of splashing around in my very own pool someday and running in the sprinkler on hot summer days. *SIGH* If you can’t tell I take every opportunity I get to jump in the pool. Oh, how I love the water! Did I mention, I love walks too? When I see a leash and harness, I know that means all 52 lbs. of me gets to go on a walk with my friends, so I am very patient and will even sit for you while you put on my walking harness. I hope an awesome, adventurous human will adopt me someday. We could discover so many things together. So, if you are looking for a handsome goofy side kick, with a great smile, come visit me! I can show you my pool when you come too. HEHE! I can’t wait to meet you.