Hi, My Name is Gouda!

About Gouda

I'm !

Helloooooo nice person! I’m Gouda! Nice to meet you. You say you’re looking for a dog? That’s amazing! Because I am a dog! You say you knew that? That you came here to Paws Place looking for ME? Oh Yippee! Well since you are here let me tell you a little bit about myself. As you can see, I am your typical bubbly energetic 3-year-old pup! I love to play, know basic commands, walk well on a leash, enjoy giving kisses, and I make a great adventure buddy too. I often dream of my future and hope to spend time with my new family hanging in the backyard, going on hikes in the woods or taking long strolls through the neighborhood, then plopping all 60 lbs of me down on the couch with you for some snuggles. I even heard there are dog friendly beaches nearby! Oh, how I dream of my ears flopping around in the wind while I run the beach. *SIGH* Did I mention how much I love people? I am quite the social butterfly here at Paws Place. I can’t wait to hear about you and our future adventures!

Attributes: Affectionate, Curious, Free spirit/Outgoing, Knows basic commands, Very sweet, Walks well on leash