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Hi, My Name is GG!

About GG

I'm !

Hi. I’m GG or as some of my friends at Paw’s Place call me Baby GG or Princess GG because I am the cutest little tripod dog you ever did see. It’s a pleasure to meet you! I was found hit by a car, so they had to amputate one of my back legs, but I’m not letting that slow me down. I am a social butterfly who loves people and all the dogs I have met so far. I am also a sensitive gal who is learning how to trust this big scary world and would love someone calm and patient to help me build trust again. I am a really fun, nice dog though and if you come to visit, I will talk your ear off! Lastly, I’ve got these unpleasant things called heartworms, but the wonderful people at Paws Place will be getting me treated so I can be the party animal I was born to be!