Hi, My Name is Floyd!

About Floyd

I'm !

I’m ready and paying attention. Repeat after you? Yes, sir, I will. “Hi, there…I’m Floyd…” (insert cute head tilt here). “Don’t you want to take me home?” (gaze with patented puppy dog eyes). I’m a handsome young fur ball that some have described as “needing to learn manners” but I prefer to think of as EXUBERANT and FUN-LOVING! My favorite past times are playing in water, getting love from humans, and hanging with my four-legged friends. I love being a part of a pack and enjoy companionship. I’d prefer a home with adults and if you have older children so they can give me lots of love and teach me how to be a perfect gentleman. I’m really, really excited to meet my person and think they will be the LUCKIEST PERSON EVER!