Hi, My Name is Ferris!

About Ferris

I'm !

HIYA! I am Ferris! They say I am a handsome boy, Some call me short stack, low rider, pint- sized, knee high to a grasshopper, teeny weeny hound dog! But don’t let the 25lb body fool you! I have a full-sized personality! I am a very active pup, but my humans here say that I have to take it easy for a bit, they said I have worms living in my heart! Don’t worry though, I am getting treatments for these gross heart worm things and will be good as new in no time! Then I am ready to run run run run! They say I am pretty fast for a little guy! Now I may talk a big game about my D1 quality athleticism, but I am also a very chill dude! I really like sitting near a big window and watching the birds! Sometimes I even sing with them! I also need to mention that I am a big belly rub kind of guy! If you are looking for a pal who is active, affectionate and has the voice of an angel. I am your guy!  This handsome, 3 year old would love to meet you!

Attributes: Affectionate, Curious, Very sweet, Outgoing