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Hi, My Name is Ellie!

About Ellie

I'm !

Oh Hia there friend! I hear you like the outdoors, adventure, playing ball, and having a good time?! Me to! I am Ellie! Ice to meet you! I am told that I am the ‘Prettiest girl’. I mean look at me… I am pretty cute huh? I love to play in the play pen, run, jump like a kangaroo and go on adventures. But also, I love to lay a round too, and cuddle ya know. I am still very puppy like at just a little over a year old, but I am very smart! I know how to sit! Now I must add that I would love to be the only dog in the home, I just have so much love to give ya know! Anyhwho, I hope you come visit soon! Just request to see me outside of my kennel, so you can meet the real me! Not the kennel me if ya know what I mean.

Attributes: Active Lifestyle, Curious, Nervous/Sensitive, Single dog home, Energetic/busy bee, Knows Basic Commands – Sit