Hi, My Name is Diesel!

About Diesel

I'm !

Diesel here and you’re just in time! We can finally settle the debate! Some humans have been talking about my look alike, Vin Diesel. You know the tough guy from The Fast and the Furious Series who is also trying to steal my name! The humans say he has big brown chocolate eyes and a cute little nose just like me! I must respectfully disagree! I have never seen the guy, but who can be cuter than me? I am the cutest Diesel there is and I am not sharing my spotlight! I’m a stunning 3-year-old, 57-pound brindle boy! I have been at Paw’s Place for over 6 months and keep getting overlooked since I am a bit shy and insecure in my kennel. So, if you’d like to meet me ask my friends if we can meet in the play yard. That is my favorite area at Paws Place! Now that I completed my heartworm treatment, they let me run through the sprinkler, splash around in the pool, and I even get to play with all the jolly balls I can handle! Of course, I’ll sneak in a couple kisses to show how much I appreciate you spending time with me, but it may take a minute to get to that point. I really am a good boy. I am house broken! I am a great eater! And did I mention how silky smooth my coat is? I guess I can let you find that one out for yourself, the more loving’s the better! I have a huge heart that is hoping to shower my forever family with lots of love. Please come and assure me that there’s a bright future of us playing!

To learn more about Diesel please click this video.