Hi, My Name is Chester!

About Chester

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Hello from the handsome, (almost) 9-year-old Hound on the block! They call me Chester and I have the friendliest smile you will ever see. The ladies will tell you I am charming, handsome, and clever too. I have been at Paws Place for almost 11 months, so I have learned A LOT, like walking well on a leash and putting my harness on and off smoothly to name a few. I am an older independent relaxed man, so I have been given the important responsibility of watching over all my friends here at Paw’s Place. I consider myself to be one of the best security guards here and carry-on conversations with everyone. That’s how you learn the real gossip! Like when the fire trucks pass by or when it’s time for dinner I love to sing with some of my other four-legged friends. Being a bit older, I have a few medications, but nothing that will hold me back from being in a great, loving home! I would make a great cuddler on your couch (all 73 lbs. of me) and enjoy walking outdoors! I always keep my ears and nose to the ground searching for adventure, so will you be my partner in crime? So come on out, say hello, and if you want, we can sing a tune together!