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Hi, My Name is Buster!

About Buster

I'm !

Hey nice human! The name’s Buster. I have a list of ways you can appreciate me: Throw ball. Take wet ball from my mouth. Throw ball. Take wet ball from my mouth. Admire my handsome physique as I run after the ball. Take wet ball from my mouth. Throw ball…oh, sorry. Sometimes I get a little carried away when I’m talking about playing. I also enjoy anything water and when I say ANYTHING I mean it! Pools, sprinklers, chasing the water coming out of the hose… I even heard about this place called the beach and cannot wait to go there with my forever human! I am a smart hunky fella and with a few treats in your hand, I will ‘sit’, ‘shake’, ‘lay down’ and I’ll even ‘drop’ that ball so you can throw it over and over and over again! Oh sorry I’m getting carried away again! As you can tell I LOVE TO PLAY and will even talk and tell you how much fun I am having while doing it. But, after our play sessions, this 85lb ham appreciates a good leg kicking belly rub and hear what a good boy I am. I know I am bigger guy, but I am super gentle outside my kennel and can’t wait to meet my forever family. Will that be you? Please come visit and play with me. Pretty please!!!