Hi, My Name is Auggie!

About Auggie

I'm !

Well, hello there! I’m Auggie, and as they like to call me here; ‘Auggie doggie’. I have the cutest ears, cutest spots on my belly and just the cutest personality …see a theme here?!? I’m just so cute!! I am learning how to maneuver this world as a ‘Tripawd’, (dog with three legs), but believe me, that does not slow me down one bit! I like to gather all your attention for some doggie loving, and when you stop, I remind you that you need to repeat all that wonderful ear scratching and head rubbing. My wish is to be your best friend and go on lots of adventures, ya know, so I can show you off as my awesome human! If you want to be my best bud, then come on out and meet me! I’ll be waiting for you -luv and wags, Auggie Doggie.