Hi, My Name is Hershey!

About Hershey

I'm !

Hi. I’m Herhsey! Yes, at first glance you might mistake me for a deliciously smooth Hershey Kiss since my coat is so soft and shiny, but I assure you, I am a dog. A very cute dog indeed! And just like the candy, I melt when you love on me and enjoy being around people. I play well with other dogs too! And did you notice how photogenic I am? Behind that smile is a gal as sweet as the name! I get sweeter the more time you spend with me and will give you a sugar boost when you need it too. I keep loving on all the humans I meet, but not a lot of people have come to visit me in the last 5 months. I am a good girl! Maybe if I tell you my wish list you can help me find a home… I’m very smart for a 2 1/2 years old and am eager to learn new things so, I am hoping for an active human who has a sense of adventure and can show me the ropes on leash walking and manners. I weigh 55 lbs, but when I am splashing around in the pool, I feel as light as a feather! Oh, how I love pool days and can’t wait to visit the beach with my forever family! I dream of a yard where we can play fetch, sunbathe, and run out my zoomies too! I’m a solid girl and know I can be the best companion! So will you come and meet me so we can melt through life together!