Hi, My Name is Harry Potter!

About Harry Potter

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Hi! I am HARRY POTTER! I bet ya cant guess why they call me Harry Potter? If you guessed, because I have a scar above my eye… DING DING! You guessed right! They tell me it just adds to my cuteness! As you can see I am just a pup! I am almost 3 months old and growing like a weed! If you think I am cute just wait until I tell you that I am one of 8! Yup! I have 8 siblings here with me! The humans say we are the Harry Potter Puppies. We are all ready to find our forever homes or ‘HOUSES’ if you’d rather. As much as I’d love to be assorted in a respected Gryffindor house, I won’t be picky. Hufflepuffs are okay too!

Attributes: Loves toys, Loves to play, Typical Puppy – Curious, Energetic/busy bee